Our Achievement
Student Name/ ITT Selected
Year 2019
Utkarsh Dighrra 96.8%
Year 2018
Priya Chaturvedi 94.8% IIT selected
Year 2017
Anusha Anvar 95.4% Science
Akshay Kumar Dixit 92.2% Commerce
Ayushi Dwivedi 93.2% NEET Qualified
Sankalp Sandilya 95.2% Selected IIT
Year 2016
Tanmay Garg 95.60%
Vivek Chauhan Selected in IIT 2016
Year 2015
Rohit Dubey 95.40 % Science
Vaishnavi 92.60 % Commerce
Sanjay Gupta Selected in IIT 2015
Akshat Gupta Selected in IIT 2015
Year 2014
Medha Tripathi 95.80 %
Suchitra Sharma 93.80 %
Tanya Agarwal 93.50 %
Prashant Sharma Selected in IIT 2014
Year 2013
Ramendra Ranjan Selected in IIT 2013
Principal's Desk
ALDRICH PUBLIC SCHOOL is a 10 years young school. We feel 'wise' on one hand, when we look at the established identity we enjoy as an institution where learning is purposeful, progressive and
        Our Mission



Our mission is to help rural & urban students who have not succeeded in traditional secondary schools prepare work, active citizenship, and post-secondary, using a combination of classroom work and community internships.
Our mission is to help inner city k-6 students develop higher order thinking skills, peacemaking skills and leadership abilities in an environment of shared values of nonviolence, equality and unity, by using a combination of the Core Knowledge Curriculum and Direct Instruction.
Our Mission is to partner effectively with the YMCA so that we help prepare middle school students to be responsible citizens, good workers and faithful family members.

Our Vision




Expected Learning Results for Every MSJHS Student
Masters of Basic Skills: Reading - Writing - Listening - Speaking - Computer


All students are expected to:

  • demonstrate effective reading, writing, listening, speaking, and computational skills;
  • demonstrate mastery of their courses of study;
  • demonstrate technological literacy and the use of technology as a tool for the efficient and creative completion of a project.

Collaborative Workers


All students will:

  • Solve a variety of problems in a collaborative environment over an extended period of time;
  • Function as leaders as well as active and effective team members by demonstrating relevance to the subject matter and use of creativity in the production of projects and presentations.


Effective Communicators


All students will:

  • Read and comprehend a variety of materials;
  • Listen and interpret messages in a discerning manner and respond appropriately;
  • Speak and write in a logical, coherent, well-organized manner;
  • Recognize, develop, and appreciate artistic and aesthetic communication.
  • Acknowledge the role of audience in developing an effective communication style.


Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers


All students will:

  • evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources and learning experiences;
  • identify needed information in a given problem and state what information is needed for the solution;
  • use multiple strategies and application of academic knowledge to solve a variety of problems.