Our Achievement
Student Name/ ITT Selected
Year 2019
Utkarsh Dighrra 96.8%
Year 2018
Priya Chaturvedi 94.8% IIT selected
Year 2017
Anusha Anvar 95.4% Science
Akshay Kumar Dixit 92.2% Commerce
Ayushi Dwivedi 93.2% NEET Qualified
Sankalp Sandilya 95.2% Selected IIT
Year 2016
Tanmay Garg 95.60%
Vivek Chauhan Selected in IIT 2016
Year 2015
Rohit Dubey 95.40 % Science
Vaishnavi 92.60 % Commerce
Sanjay Gupta Selected in IIT 2015
Akshat Gupta Selected in IIT 2015
Year 2014
Medha Tripathi 95.80 %
Suchitra Sharma 93.80 %
Tanya Agarwal 93.50 %
Prashant Sharma Selected in IIT 2014
Year 2013
Ramendra Ranjan Selected in IIT 2013
Principal's Desk
ALDRICH PUBLIC SCHOOL is a 10 years young school. We feel 'wise' on one hand, when we look at the established identity we enjoy as an institution where learning is purposeful, progressive and

School Hostel Facility !

School Hostel



The school extends hostel facility to outstation students (only boys) who are keen to be a part of the BKD ALDRICH family. Housed within the school premises, the hostel extends all requisite facilities to provide the students an environment as good as home. The state of the art facilities ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment.
It is truly a home away from home, where each student receives personal attention and is encouraged to not only develop his academic skills but also to become a well balanced and caring individual. Participation in co-curricular activities is encouraged. Hostel gives the students an opportunity to meet peers from other regions and cultures.

From the day of admission to the hostel, all inmates will be under the care and love of the concerned Warden and Matron. The following rules and regulations are applicable to inmates and their parents as well.
Hostel rules are intended to develop good and healthy habits among students. Students as well as their parents should be aware of these rules and follow them strictly.

1. Students and their parents should sign the hostel application form along with the rules and regulations.

2. Three passport size photographs of the students should be submitted along with the hostel application.

3. At the time of admission all students are to remit hostel registration fee, admission fee, initial establishment fee, refundable caution deposit, cost of hostel uniform (2 sets) and the first term hostel fee. The second term hostel fee is to be paid just after Dushehra.

4. Those who have any inconvenience to pay the fee in time may deposit enough amounts in their ward’s account in advance.

7. Parents should give the detailed list of persons likely to visit their wards in the hostel and escort them home during holidays. Students will not be permitted to leave the campus without an escort unless parents make a special request to do otherwise. Boys below Std - IX and all girl students do not have this option to leave the campus without an authorized escort.

8. Parents should take prior permission from the warden to meet their wards. Visiting time is between 5 and 6: 30 in the evening. Parents are requested to restrict their visits to Sundays and other holidays.

9. Students should not receive visitors or go out of the hostel without the permission of the warden.

10. Hostel reception room is the only venue for receiving visitors and no visitors will be permitted to enter any other parts of the hostel.


12.Parents should get Exit / Entry cards signed by the warden while going home and coming back after holidays.

16. Inmates should not keep valuables, jewellery and cash with them. Money transaction among the students will not be permitted.

17. Students should not keep more than three sets of dress other than their uniform, in the hostel.

18. Mobile phone, Walkman set etc. are banned in the hostel and will be confiscated if found on any students.

19. Students should keep modesty, decency and decorum in their behaviour, dress and hair style.

20. Students are not expected to damage any property of the hostel or of the other inmates. Any one indulging in such activities will have to make good the loss in addition to facing other punishments. This will be levied individually or collectively as the case may be.

21. On demand from the head of the school, expenses towards the school fees, cost of stationery, study tours and excursions will be paid from the students’ hostel account and the same should be remitted by the parents in the respective term itself.

22. Food will be provided honouring the students’ general interest and no catering will be done on individuals’ option. Anyhow special nutritious drinks will be supplied on payment of the required charges there to.

23. Bringing food and other eatables to the hostel from outside is totally forbidden.

24. Medical treatment charges, if incurred at all, are to be paid by the end of that term itself.

25. Students suffering from infectious diseases or severe emotional syndromes will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. They will return to the hostel only after full recovery from their ailments.

26. Inmates should attend the morning and evening sessions of supervised study punctually. Extra hours provided for library access should be utilized by the inmates seriously and effectively to read the extensive collection of books and periodicals available in the library.

27. Hostel warden commands the authority to permit students to go on tours and excursions in the capacity as the guardian of the students.

28. Students should be keen on coming back to hostel after holidays on the stipulated dates itself. Those who fail in doing so will be subjected to stern actions.

29. Decisions will be taken by the school and hostel authorities in the best interests of the well being and development of the students and parents should comply with such decisions earnestly.

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